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For Professionals & Students

Cultural Vistas “Train USA Program”

JIPT actively promotes practical training exchange programs directed at business professionals who work on an international level. These programs cultivate their development, deepen mutual understanding, and help them grow into leaders capable of working in a globalized business environment.


JIPT proceeds with applications based on the following J-1 Visa Regulations:
For Professionals
New eligibility requirements for applicants of a J-1 Trainee visa: Must have a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution outside the United States AND at least one (1) year of prior related work experience in applicant's occupational field outside the United States; OR Must have five (5) years of work experience in applicant's occupational field outside of the United States.
For Students
New eligibility requirements for applicants of a J-1 Intern visa: Must be currently enrolled in a degree- or certificate-pursuing program in a post-secondary academic institution outside of the United States; OR Must have graduated from such an institution no more than twelve (12) months prior to the start of the exchange visitor program.
For more details:

Cultural Vistas Application Process

  • Application fee payment
  • Confirmation of required educational background
  • Confirmation of prior work experience, suitability for J-1 visa program, and suitability for desired training offer in the U.S.
  • English language proficiency check
  • Review of previous visits to the United States
After the full application has been submitted to Cultural Vistas:
  • Review and completion of the T/IPP training plan (DS-7002)
  • Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019), authorized by the U.S Department of State
  • Orientation for living in the U.S.

JIPT Application Process

Services provided to applicants:
  • Pre-application consultation
  • Application supervision
  • Visa interview assistance
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • DS-160 application form preparation
JIPT eligibility requirements for applicants:
Must meet above criteria AND have host employer before application
Must meet above criteria AND have host employer before application
Documents required by JIPT:
In Japanese:
  1. Registration form
  2. Letter of Reference
  3. Corporate Registration form (if applicant is sponsored by employer) *All three of these forms can be downloaded here
In English:
  1. Participant Application Checklist
  2. Letter of Reference
  3. Resume
  4. Copy of graduation certificate/diploma (for Trainees)
  5. Proof of current enrollment (must indicate “full-time” status) (for Interns)
  6. Copy of transcript (for Interns)
  7. Copy of certificate of English ability (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.)
  1. Copy of passport photo page
  2. ID photo (.jpg format)
  3. JIPT application fees
JIPT Applicant Review:
JIPT reviews applications to make sure that the aforementioned documents are properly competed and submitted, and that all application fees are paid in full.

JIPT Fees and Refund Policy

* Refunds made after the DS-2019 has been issued will be processed only when the DS-2019 form is returned to JIPT. All refund requests must be received in writing within thirty (30) days of the program start date. No refunds are available after applicant obtains a J-1 visa or if applicant is unable to return the DS-2019 form (if applicable). Refunds will be sent only to the party who paid the application fees. JIPT reserves the right to withhold additional monies or refuse a refund request for any reason.
JIPT Designated Bank Account Information:
Account name:
The Institute for Japan International Practical Training (JIPT)
Bank name:
Branch name:
Account number:
BIC/Swift Code:

Notification to Intermediary Agencies about JIPT Application Procedures and Fees for the Train USA Program:

-August 1, 2011- All Japanese applicants interested in applying for the Cultural Vistas Train USA Program are to first contact JIPT in Tokyo. JIPT is the Japanese global partner of Cultural Vistas, the only organization that can issue a DS-2019 as a legal sponsor for participants in the Train USA Program. Thereby agencies or other third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Agencies") dealing with visa application procedures on behalf of Japanese applicants should follow the procedures stipulated below. (Such agencies include, but are not limited to: attorney's offices, travel agencies, training institutes [including language centers/schools], service agencies for study and employment abroad, etc.)
1. General Rule:
JIPT takes application procedures directly from applicants or dispatching companies/organizations (altogether hereinafter referred to as "Companies").The application fee is one hundred eighty thousand Japanese yen (JPY JPY275,000, tax included). If this is the first time an application is submitted through JIPT, an additional registration fee is also due. The registration fee for Companies/Organizations is fifty thousand yen (JPY 55,000, tax included); and the registration fee for Individuals is twenty thousand yen (JPY 22,000, tax included). These fees are subject to change.The invoice for applications will be sent directly to the companies. If a U.S. employer pays the application fee, the remittance should be made via bank transfer, in Japanese yen, to the JIPT designated bank account. (Any transfer fees are to be paid by the U.S. employer.)
2. Exceptions:
  1. JIPT informs the agencies that the reviewing process should be done between JIPT and the applicants directly, as JIPT is the only designated reviewing organization in Japan.
  2. Agencies are permitted to do the general administrative work for their own clients. In doing so, agencies understand they must explain the content of the following items to these clients.
  3. JIPT informs agencies in the early stage of application that the application fee for JIPT should be charged directly to the applicant. However, if the applicant prefers to be charged through agencies, JIPT will allow some exceptions. In such cases, agencies must advise clients that the application fee for JIPT is as stated in the General Rule section previously mentioned along with separate Cultural Vistas program fees. This amount should be listed separately from other charges by agencies on any invoice to the client.
  4. In the case that fees charged by agencies are extraordinarily high, such that the reputation of this program may be damaged, or if agencies are not cooperative with all JIPT instructions, JIPT has the right to refuse applications from agencies upon consultation with Cultural Vistas.